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Clean Label Pet Food

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When reviewing the best pet food options for our pets, one of the top options for pet owners nowadays is clean label pet food. While the definition of clean label pet food does vary from company to company, it’s generally considered to be natural products with no artificial preservatives that have met the standards of the Clean Label Project. For some people, they may even define it as only using limited and known ingredients, whereas others hope to see certain ingredients excluded. Clean label pet food is constantly evolving, and this market is growing to meet the current expectations of consumers worldwide. Let’s take a look at Clean Label Project dog food and cat food and how this can help your pet to live a healthy and happy life moving forward.

clean label pet food

What is the Clean Label Project Certification?

When it comes to regulating clean label pet food, the Clean Label Project certification is a great indication of the best in class products. The Clean Label Project is a science-based nonprofit, which aims to educate consumers in order for them to choose the highest quality products on the market today. This certification is only given to the top-performing brands, and both the individual product and the entire range of products must perform to nearly a five-star rating. There are many factors that are tested in order to receive this rating, including food safety audits and certain maximum containment levels. These brands are rated for their high quality and commitment to offering pet owners safe and effective products for their daily use.

Many pet owners don’t realize that product labels only contain the names of ingredients that they know are contained in the product. They don’t include additives and contaminants, which the ingredients may come into contact with during the food supply chain. Examples of these contaminants include heavy metals and chemicals, which often enter the food via the soil or water that’s used to grow them. While the Clean Label Project understands that no product will be 100% free of these contaminants, there’s still plenty of chance for them to be much cleaner and safer than they currently are. The Clean Label Project blind tests products for up to 130 toxins and contaminants, which include heavy metals, BPA/BPS, and pesticide residues. They then publish their product ratings with a five-star rating system that compares the products to others within the industry.

Clean Label Food For Dogs

Clean label food for dogs is a great way for pet owners to support their dogs to give them a happy and healthy life. When comparing the contents of food in the US and elsewhere in the world, Clean Label Project found heavy metals and contaminants present in dog food. These levels can be incredibly dangerous and are linked to cancer in dogs. Another concern in dog food was pentobarbital, which is a euthanasia-drug used on companion animals. This was commonly found in standard dog food products and is a huge risk for pet owners when they are feeding their pets standard dog food.

Clean Label Project dog food helps to remove some of these risks for dog owners and ensures you are feeding your dog a well-balanced and risk-free meal. The great thing about the Clean Label Project is that they tested 90% of the top-selling dog food products based on 2016 Nielsen data. This included both wet and dry dog food and treats for dogs as well. Some specialty retailers’ products were also included, and all of the products were just purchased from a store or online as you and I would. It’s a great way to receive an impartial recommendation about what dog food you can serve your furry friend in the future. The next time you are thinking about which brand you should use for your pet, we recommend looking at their ratings and selecting one that has a five-star rating for your dog.

clean label pet food

Clean Label Food For Cats

In a similar way to Clean Label Project dog food, clean label project cat food provides you with the opportunity to give your cat a healthier and safer meal. Each of the cat food products that were tested was inspected for over 130 toxins and contaminants. This ensures that the ingredient quality is of the highest level and will allow you to find a product that fits your cat’s dietary requirements. With over 1000 products tested during this study, there’s no shortage of options for consumers. Regardless of your budget and preferences for Clean label food for cats, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of options on the market for you.

When you review the ratings of the Clean label food for cats, you’ll find these products come in both wet and dry food options. The program only certifies the highest performing products, so you can be sure you are not only buying a safe product but from a brand that you can trust as well. Clean Label Project also has a Best-in-Class program, which is reserved for those top-performing brands. These brands continually test their products and suppliers to ensure your cat won’t be subjected to any harm in the future.

The Clean Label Project is an incredible resource for pet owners around the world. It’s a way for you to see that the products you are offering your cat or dog are safe and suitable for their dietary needs. It’s incredibly scary to think about some of the ingredients and contaminants that make their way into your dog or cat’s food, but by finding a product that is certified by the Clean Label Project, you can offer them a safer solution for the future. We are excited to see how companies react to this certification in the upcoming years, and we hope to see changes made within the industry to offer pets and their owners safe and effective solutions. There’s no denying that it’s time for a change when thinking about what we feed our pets, and this is just the start of offering them safe and healthy clean label pet food each day.

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