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How To Get Your Cat To Drink More Water

How To Get Your Cat To Drink More Water

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Cat owners sometimes notice that their pet suddenly goes off their water, drinking far less than is typical for them in a day. This can be a very concerning thing to notice, but the good news is that there are ways to overcome this issue. Today we’re going to share with you how to get your cat to drink more water and some of the best ways to get your cat to drink more if you are struggling to help them keep hydrated each day. Of course, if this is an ongoing issue or you have concerns that your pet may be sick, we always recommend consulting with a vet to discover how to get your cat to drink more water. They’ll be able to rule out any illnesses and diseases which this is a symptom of to help them continue to live a happy and healthy life.

How To Get Your Cat To Drink More Water

Why Doesn’t Your Cat Drink Water?

No two animals are exactly the same, so there are many reasons why your cat may start to drink less water all of a sudden. If a cat is not drinking water, they may be sick or ill, and this is one of the most important things to consider. While many pets go off their food and water for a day or two, if this carries on for some time, we recommend you book an appointment with your vet. Conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, and heatstroke often lead to cats not drinking enough, but a vet will be able to rule out any of these concerns so you can focus on how much water should a cat drink each day instead of worrying they are sick.

Dental infections are another reason that a cat may stop drinking as much. When the mouth has inflammation of any kind or is in pain, you’ll find that it causes them a lot of discomfort to drink the recommended amount of water each day. When your cat has any form of underlying health issue, they’ll likely reduce how much they drink and eat, but you need to do all you can to stop this from happening.

Just like humans, some cats are pickier than others, and they go through phases with drinking water. The location of the water really matters for cats, so if you notice they aren’t drinking, make sure you have water everywhere. They might just be feeling too lazy to go to another room or floor of your home for a drink, and would rather have a cat nap instead of drinking. You may also find your cat doesn’t like the plain taste of water, which is an issue many human children and adults also experience. There are ways to overcome this by adding flavor to your cat’s water, which can help to increase the amount of water they drink each day.

How To Encourage A Sick Cat To Drink More

A sick cat needs to keep hydrated in order to recover as quickly as possible. Not eating and drinking are signs that a cat isn’t feeling well, so make sure you consult with your vet if you notice this is an issue for your pet. The first thing you should do is put more water around your home. If your cat doesn’t feel up to moving around as much when they are sick, then make sure they are never too far away from a glass of water. When that doesn’t work, consider adding wet cat food to your cat’s diet. This increases their water intake and will help to keep them feeling more hydrated.

When you add flavor to your cat’s water, they will be more likely to enjoy drinking water. Only you as a pet owner can take the time to learn how to get your cat to drink more water and your cat’s unique quirks when it comes to drinking, so make sure you observe when they do and don’t drink. This is the best way to learn how to get your cat to drink more water, as every animal has their own habits. There really isn’t one single answer to the question of why doesn’t my cat drink water, but through trial and error, hopefully you can get them back to drinking the recommended amount of water each day.

How To Get Your Cat To Drink More Water

How Much Water Does A Cat Need And Should Drink In A Day?

Now that you know some of the top answers to the question of how can I encourage my cat to drink more water, you might be wondering how much water does a cat need to drink each day. The best rule to follow is to offer your cat between 3.5 and 4.5 ounces of water for each 5 pounds of their body weight per day. A 10-pound cat would need to drink about 8 ounces of water each day. One thing to keep in mind is that when cats eat a lot of wet cat food, they might not need to drink as much water. This type of food is much more hydrating than dry food, which reduces the amount of plain water they are required to drink. Make sure they are still drinking some water each day though, so that you aren’t worried about their health and wellbeing.

How to get your cat to drink more water is a very common concern for pet owners around the world. By learning the signs of dehydration and the reasons that your cat isn’t drinking in the first place, you can do all you can as a pet owner to ensure they remain happy and healthy. There are many different techniques to try to encourage your cat to drink more, and with a little patience, you should be able to find a trick that works for your cat. Wet cat food is one of the easiest ways to overcome this problem, so make sure you give that a try if you haven’t already. Hydration is key for any type of animal to remain healthy and happy, so the sooner you resolve how to get your cat to drink more water and any drinking issues your cat is facing, the healthier they’ll be in the future.

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