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Healthy Treats for Dogs

Healthy Treats for Dogs

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As a pet owner, it’s so important to reward your dog for behaving well. However, for many pet owners, they tend to overlook the importance of healthy treats for dogs. Healthy dog treats are those which don’t contain ingredients which may be harmful to your pet or which may cause them to gain weight in the long run. There are many concerns about just feeding your dog anything that’s in your home, and you’ll find that healthy dog snacks are readily available on the market today or can be made at home. Keep reading as we share ten of the top healthy treats for dogs, all of which any pet will appreciate.

Healthy Treats for Dogs

Best Healthy Homemade Snacks For Dogs

There are many simple homemade snacks that dogs can enjoy, all of which are both healthy and satisfying for your pet. These are ten of our favorite healthy dog treats, which you can feed your pet on a regular basis without any concerns.


Apples are just as good for dogs as they are for people. They are rich in essential nutrients and fiber, but you’ll need to ensure you remove both the core and seeds before feeding your pet.


Carrots are high in both beta carotene and other crucial vitamins, and you no doubt have them in your home most of the time. One of the most important things to consider when feeding your dog carrots is to make sure you cut them into small pieces. Some breeds can be tempted to try and swallow a far too large piece of carrot, which can result in doing more damage than good.

Green Peas

You can feed your dog green peas either frozen or fresh, and they can be added to their bowl to improve your training routines.

Cooked Sweet Potatoes

While cooked sweet potatoes require a little more preparation, they are one of the top natural treats for dogs. Never give your dog raw potato of any type, and instead cook a few extra when you are feeding your family.

Cooked Squash

Another great option when it comes to cooking treats for your pets is cooked squash. Choose any type of squash you think your pet will enjoy, but always remove the seeds before feeding your pet.


Watermelon is one of the most hydrating fruits on offer, and it offers great benefits to your dog. Dogs need to avoid the rind and seeds, which you should remove before feeding to them.


Bananas are rich in many of the nutrients both humans and animals need to thrive and survive. While they are higher in sugar than some of the other options on our list today, when eaten in moderation, you’ll find they are a suitable treat for your pet.

Green Beans

As long as your green beans are plain and unseasoned, you’ll find that these are a good source of fiber for your dog. Use these healthy dog snacks to train your dog to use their bowl and other areas of the house that you need them to get familiar with.


Dogs can enjoy broccoli either steamed, raw, or roasted, but make sure you don’t add any salt or oil to it. It’s easier for your pup to digest broccoli when it’s cooked, but it will still be safe for them raw.


Treat your dog to some fresh strawberries in the summer months. They are hydrating and refreshing for your pup in hot weather, and they’ll love the taste of this sweet fruit.

Healthy Treats for Dogs


Another thing to consider when discussing healthy homemade dog treats is portion control. In fact, the type of food you offer your pet isn’t always the problem. One of the biggest issues for dog owners is the temptation to overfeed their pet. Treats are something that need to be given to pets in moderation, and when you overdo this, you’ll find that your pet may gain weight or put their health at risk. If you are purchasing treats, always read the packaging carefully to ensure you don’t overfeed them. The treats we shared above are all lower in calories, making them some of the best healthy snacks for dogs.

As a pet owner, you need to keep track of what your pet eats each day. If you are training your pet every day, make sure you don’t overdo their treats, no matter how well they perform. Monitor how much of their meals your pet eats, so that you can keep track of whether they are under or overeating.

Dangerous Food for Dogs

While the foods we shared above are great healthy snacks for puppies, you also need to be aware of the dangerous foods that dogs should avoid. Any type of food with onion, chive or garlic should be avoided for your pets, as they can be very toxic to dogs and cause pain in their gastrointestinal system. Chocolate may be something that you enjoys a treat, but it isn’t to be given to your pet. Corn on the cob, macadamia nuts, avocado, and cooked bones should all also be avoided, as these can all cause damage to your pet’s health.

It goes without saying that you need to look very carefully at the ingredients label of the food and treats you are feeding your pet. Avoid anything with alcohol in and make sure you look out for artificial sweeteners. By taking the time to figure out the best healthy dog treats for your pet, you can help them to live a happy and healthy life for years to come.

As you can see, there are many great healthy treats for dogs that you can feed your pet to reward them for their good behavior. We recommend trying out some of the healthy snacks we shared above, which you no doubt have in your home already for your family to eat. All of these are safe for dogs with the correct preparation, and they’ll help to keep your dog safe and healthy in the future.

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