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christmas dog treats

Christmas Dog Treats

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With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start looking at Christmas dog treats for your pets. You’ll find there are many great homemade Christmas dog treats recipe options online, but finding a reliable source is important when it comes to this task. Just as your family and friends deserve a little treat during the holiday season, your pets do too. Take the time this year to thank your dog for all they do for you with a little holiday celebration. Let’s take a look at some of the best options when it comes to Christmas dog treats and spreading festive cheer for puppies this year.

christmas dog treats

Christmas Cookies

Just like Santa loves his cookies when he comes to visit your kids, you’ll find that your dogs will appreciate a dog Christmas cookie recipe this year. You can choose a variety of different flavors and ingredients for your dog, but personally, we recommend something like a peanut butter dog treat. Your dog will start to get excited as soon as they smell the cookies in the oven, and they’ll be thrilled to realize they are for them and not the humans in your family. The great news is that cookis as Christmas dog treats for d are just as quick and easy to make as ones for humans. In no time at all, you’ll find that you have a whole batch of cookies reach to share with your pets and reward them for their good behavior this holiday season.

As well as using peanut butter in a Christmas cookies recipe, you could also use sweet potato or pumpkin. The good thing about most homemade Christmas-themed dog treats is that they are also safe for human consumption. While we don’t recommend that you eat them for their taste, at least you know you are safe baking them around children who might mistake them for delicious human cookies.

One thing to keep in mind when baking cookies for dogs is that they can also be allergic to gluten in the same way that humans can. Buckwheat flour is a good option for dogs, as it’s more nutritious for them. We recommend allowing your dog to sample a little bit of the cookie first to ensure they don’t feel unwell upon consuming it. Christmas cookies can be made in advance and then stored for up to two months in the fridge depending on the recipe used, so you can make a whole batch to treat your dog for a while to come.

Christmas Biscuits

Christmas biscuits are a great way to reward your dog for good behavior and use them in training sessions. As with human biscuits, you can make these with whole wheat flour, egg, water, honey, and natural peanut butter,

before making them into fun shapes for your little one. We recommend finding a cute bone-shaped cutter for more theming and fun, as you’ll find your dog will love receiving these Xmas dog treats. The fun thing about dog biscuits is that you can also add frosting like you would with your typical biscuits. We recommend mixing cornstarch, honey, peanut butter, and hot water before painting this on top of the biscuits. This is one of our favorite Christmas dog treats recipes, and it’s a great way to brighten up your dog’s day on Christmas morning this year.

To save time when you are making Christmas dog biscuits, we recommend making a huge batch. You can either keep them in an airtight container for two months in the fridge or freeze them for up to eight months. This often ends up being much more cost-effective than buying store-bought dog treats, as you can make a huge batch to last for half of the year. It’s a great way to train your dog and have treats on hand at any time without having to run to the store to buy some.

christmas dog treats

Christmas Treats for Puppies

Little puppies deserve Christmas dog treats as much as full-grown pups, and you’ll find there are some great options for puppy Christmas treats. Homemade dog Christmas cookies offer a cheaper and healthier solution than store-bought puppy treats. When you buy the ingredients in bulk, you can save money in the long run. You don’t need any fancy equipment in order to make any homemade Christmas dog treats, but you’ll love the process of making them as much as your puppy loves enjoying them. Peanut butter treats are a fun option for your little puppy, and they are a natural treat that will make them smile. Of course, these can be quite sweet, so make sure you don’t offer them these cookies too often, or they might become addicted to them.

When it comes to offering your puppy Christmas treats, we recommend sticking to as few ingredients as possible. The best recipes only contain about six or seven ingredients and shouldn’t take you long at all to make. One herb that we like to add to puppy treats is parsley. You can sprinkle this on their food, and it will help to freshen their breath. It’s also rich in vitamin A and C, so you’ll be offering them some much-needed vitamins while giving them a tasty treat. Whatever you offer your little one this Christmas season, you’ll find they are incredibly grateful for any toys and treats. Make sure you find them a few Christmas-themed toys as well so they don’t miss out on the fun of the season.

It’s much easier than you might think to make fun Christmas dog treats to feed your furry friend. When you make pet treats at home, you’ll find that you save money and time in the long run. You can make any cookie recipe in bulk, then store the treats in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to offer the next one to your pet. We recommend sticking to only natural ingredients when you make these though, so that you support your dog’s health and keep them looking and feeling their best this holiday season.

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