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Indoor Cat Activities

Indoor Cat Activities

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Just like humans, cats soon get bored of being cooped up inside all day long. While some people do keep indoor cats, you need to make sure you offer them indoor cat activities to keep them stimulated throughout the year. Outdoor cats may suddenly find themselves spending more time indoors in the winter months, so you’ll need to figure out how to entertain cats at home. The great news is that there are dozens of indoor cat activities to entertain a bored cat, and today we are going to share a selection of these with you. Keep reading as we discover the top cat play things for indoor cats and enrichment activities for cats you can do during the winter.

Indoor Cat Activities

Indoor Cat Toys

The key to ensuring you have fun things for cats to do at all times is to offer your cats a selection of indoor cat toys. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your cat a new activity, but you might need to use some creativity. If they don’t already have a house or scratching post in your home, this is one of the first investments you should make. Cats love to play hide and seek and explore new areas, and you’ll find there are some fun tubes and structures on offer for this cat activity. Look for cat toys that have different textures and materials, as this will keep them entertained for hours.

No indoor cat’s life is complete without a teaser, which you could even consider making yourself. All you need is a plastic stick, string, and then something fluffy on the end to entertain them. You could create a little stuffed fish, which they’ll love chasing after. If you find your cats like to sit in one place and you are worried about them gaining weight, this activity cat option will help to keep them moving more while also encouraging mental stimulation. Just like any type of animal, find toys for your cat which will keep them both mentally and physically active. There are some amazing activity sets and feeders which have plenty of challenges that even the most intelligent cat will be entertained by for hours on end.

What To Do With A Bored Cat

If you notice your cat slumping around the house or napping all day long suddenly, you might want to think about whether you are offering them enough stimulation. Learning how to stimulate your cat is critical for any pet owner, but we often don’t make the time in our schedules for this. There are many toys for a bored cat for indoor cat activities, which will keep them busy even if you are working or out of the house. Make sure you leave them on display when you leave home for the day so that your cat will have full access to their toys for bored cats.

Bored cats need to receive more attention than usual. They are likely desperate for your time and affection, but many of us just don’t offer them this. While we like to think of cats as more independent than dogs, they still want love like any of us. Try to hide treats around the house for them, which will offer them more movement and mental stimulation. Of course, they’ll also love the reward at the end, so there’s something in the game for them too. While indoor cat activities are a great way to overcome the question of what to do with a bored cat, you’ll also find that they might just really need a companion. Many cats live in pairs, and there’s a good reason for this. You’ll need to think about whether you have the time and energy for a second cat though. Otherwise, think about adding more decorations to your home or toys for your cat to enjoy new things to look at all day long.

Indoor Cat Activities

Best Exercise For Indoor Cats

Many cat owners worry about their pets not getting enough movement each day. One way to overcome this is to set up a play date with another cat if they are your only pet. Otherwise, you could be their exercise partner for the day. A cat tower is a good way to encourage more movement, and the more toys you have around, the more likely they’ll be to run around and explore your home. To get more steps in, some pet owners even use a treadmill or wheel, but this needs to be done with extreme care, as they aren’t always safe for some cats. Only you know your pet and what would be right for them, so consider ways to keep them moving all year long.

Using a wand or laser is a good way to encourage movement, and they are good cat toys for indoor cats. The best exercise for indoor cats really is just something that encourages them to explore your home or apartment more. Even in the smallest spaces, you can find ways to get them to search for treats or jump around. You don’t want your cat to get into the routine of sleeping all day or staying in one spot. Try to mix up the areas they spend time in by playing a game of find the treat. This will give them more movement and help you to find different ways to have fun when trying to answer the question of how to keep your indoor cat entertained.

With so many fun indoor cat activities to try, your cat should never be bored again. Only you know what your cat enjoys doing, so make sure you choose the right games and toys based on their unique personality. Just like humans, you’ll find that cats all have different interests and ideas of what is fun. They’ll love you giving them more attention and care, which is often the number one way to overcome boredom within cats. Just like us, cats are social creatures, so make sure you offer them your love and set aside more time to enjoy indoor cat activities this winter.

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