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How To Get My Dog To Drink More Water

How To Get My Dog To Drink More Water

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The good news for anyone who is concerned about how to get my dog to drink more water is that there are many different techniques you can use to overcome this issue. These include adding a new flavor to the water or using ice cubes, but we’ll go into these in more detail later. No matter what your current concern is, rest assured that there are multiple ways to overcome this issue and ensure your dog keeps drinking as much water as needed for their body weight.

Just like humans, it’s essential for dogs to remain healthy and hydrated every day of their lives. For many pet owners, it can be a challenge to know whether their dog is thirsty or not, and what to do about this issue if you see it happening. Today we’re going to discover the top reasons that dogs don’t drink water and how to encourage your dog to drink more when you notice this issue. We’ll answer many of the most common questions that we hear pet owners ask, so that you can do all that you can to ensure your dog remains safe and healthy for years to come.

How To Get My Dog To Drink More Water

Why Won’t My Dog Drink Water?

As with humans who struggle to drink water, there are many reasons that a dog may not want to drink water. When learning how to get my dog to drink more water, make sure you also rule out the possibility of your dog being sick. Not wanting to eat and drink is a clear sign that your dog isn’t feeling well, so you may want to speak to your vet if you notice this is an ongoing issue for your pet. By learning how to encourage a dog to drink more water, you’ll see there are many reasons that your dog might not drink water. For many pet owners, it’s a case of training your dog to enjoy water more. Just like humans, some dogs don’t enjoy the taste of water, which is why you may want to add some flavor or food to their water bowl, so that they enjoy the experience of drinking.

A common reason that dogs don’t drink enough water is that they aren’t active enough. If you aren’t putting your body through much movement and exercise every day, your need for water naturally decreases. However, this can still be dangerous when it continues for too long, as everyone needs to stay hydrated for their body to perform all of its necessary functions. Older dogs are more likely to drink less than very young and active dogs, so keep this in mind as your dog starts to age.

Some dogs aren’t happy to drink from anything but their main dog bowl. If you are traveling or spending time outside your home and notice your dog doesn’t want to drink, it may just be that they are nervous about the new environment. By trying to keep up good routines with your dog no matter where you are, they’ll be far more likely to continue enjoying water and good hydration. When dogs build up a fear of drinking water or have one bad experience, this may stay with them for years to come. The sooner you can overcome any issues they are facing when your dog won’t drink water, the healthier they’ll be in the future.

How To Encourage A Sick Dog To Drink More

Kidney disease and diabetes are two common illnesses which usually result in a dog drinking less water. If you start to have concerns surrounding this area, you might be wondering how to get a sick dog to drink more water. Make sure you have a good setup in place for your dog, with a familiar dog bowl for them to drink out of. They’ll be far more likely to drink from the same bowl, as opposed to something they aren’t familiar with. Adding ice cubes to the water can be a huge help for dogs, as can flavoring.

Some pet owners find that changing the position of the water bowl can help to mix things up for their dog and overcome these bad habits. You might also want to add in wet dog food to the water, which may tempt your dog more to increase their water intake. Make sure that any water you offer your dog is clean, as this is risky for their health otherwise and can put them off from drinking. Whatever you do, if your dog still refuses to drink, make sure you speak to a vet as soon as possible. They may need extra assistance to recover and get back to good health.

How To Get My Dog To Drink More Water

How Much Water Should A Dog Drink In A Day?

When discussing the question of how much water does a dog need, it’s all about the size of your dog. There’s no one size fits all answer when compared to humans, so you need to learn the correct amount of water to discover how to get my dog to drink more. The best rule to follow for dogs is to offer them 100 ml of water for every kg of their body weight in a day. Of course, you may hear other recommendations from your vet or other pet owners, but just make sure you are providing them with enough water to keep hydrated. A smaller dog naturally doesn’t need to drink as much as a large one, who will require far more water to remain hydrated. By learning how much water should a dog drink and keeping the calculation we shared above in mind at all times, you can also discover how to get my dog to drink more water if you notice they aren’t drinking enough. We hear many pet owners ask why won’t my dog drink water, and by changing up their drinking routine, you can work to keep them safe and hydrated for years to come. Water is essential for the health and wellbeing of any pet, so the sooner you start building good habits with your dog, the more likely they’ll live a long and healthy life.

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